Pre-Wedding / Engagement Sessions

Many couples who come into my studio are delightfully surprised to find that I include a pre-wedding or engagement session in my packages.

The reason for this is various - many brides take the opportunity to have their hair and make up trial done - all made up and a photo shoot to go to! The photos are then often used for the guestbook signing, a canvas print displayed at the reception entrance and also shown off in a powerpoint presentation during the reception. They are also used in my customised wedding invitations!

Its also a great way to introduce the bride & groom to be to friends and family too, in anticipation of the big day. Most importantly though, its an opportunity for my couples to get to know me and for me to get to know them! I just had a session last weekend after which the bride to be remarked, "I am so happy we've done this today, I understand now why this is a valuable exercise, I think I am going to be so much more comfortable on my wedding day!".

Not everyone is naturally at ease in front of the camera (myself included! I am much better behind it!) and many people don't have a clue what to do. Being uncomfortable in front of a camera actually shows in an image. Being a photographer for one of the most intimate and important days in most people's lives is an honour for me and I love to capture people at their most natural.